With over 28 years in the consulting arena , we understand the full lifecycle of our customers organisations. We understand the business requirement upfront and agree on the end result . Our subject matter experts have completed over 150 projects and implementations ,spanning all industries , from Retail to Financial sectors


Management Consulting-Our specialization covers Contract Negotiations , Tender Processes and Management Programs. We analyze the major cost center spend by reviewing management accounts and financial records . We analyze the original business requirement document and compare it to the original service level agreement. We highlight all discrepancies and SLA misalignment , we redefine the contract or renegotiate the terms Our extensive global vendor partnerships span ,Africa ,Europe, United Kingdom and the USA . We facilitate alternative vendors or partners for our customers at a reduced rate , our main mandate is to reduce cost or increase business efficiencies , we negotiate our rates according to the actual savings achieved , we do not charge for our services until savings are achieved . We negotiate a percentage of the actual savings on a individual basis

Specialized Consulting - Our executives and subject matter experts are experienced veterans in their areas of business , we are the highest qualified practitioners in our fields of expertise. We cover all major areas of our customer base namely Information Technology (20 areas) , Communications including our own owned Mobile Virtual network , Supply Chain Management , Customer Relationship Management , Customer Experience , Knowledge Management -Business Intelligence Artificial Intelligence, Tax , Finance , Property

General Consulting and Subject Matter Experts - We offer general consulting services to all cost centres of the customers organisation , from Sales ,Operations to Finance , we cover all areas of the business including Program and project managers

Business Requirement Consulting - We analyse the current technology and current business position , we assess the future business requirement and jointly define a path to execute the new business requirement . Our main objectives are to increase business efficiencies or reduce costs across the organisation

Data Management - We are capable of consolidating all forms of data into a central depositary ,ensuring data quality , data assurance in a consistent form to allow access at all times whether it is historical data or live streaming data . Our various modules comply to the latest legal and compliance global regulatory standards

Data Visualisation - We design and offer all forms of visual interpretation from the data feeds to all cost centres of the customers organisation , from Sales ,Operations to Finance , we cover all areas of the business . Our visualisation tools are available to the "C" level executives , senior managers general staff and administrators

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